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Felt Balls

Jewellery with felt balls made of natural animal hair - on request, individually, from the fur of your own dog, rabbit, cat or horse tail.

Custom-made Jewellery

PetPearls OhrhängerFrom the joy of creativity and a passion for animals, the idea to design jewellery made of felted animal hair emerged.

Each piece is individually assembled from felt balls and other materials such as silver, leather, wood beads or ornaments - according to your wishes and ideas.

The special feature here is that the felt balls are made from the fur of your pet and are therefore a very personal accessory.


For the felt balls, you need at least a handful of fur depending on the size and number of balls. If possible, it should be from the undercoat, since the outer coat is more difficult to work with and may not be as smooth after processing.

What Fur?

I work with fur from dogs, rabbits, horse tail and cat hair. The production requires 10-14 days and the fur should be previously collected in a cardboard box or an envelope made of paper.

Gift vouchers

Are you looking for a special gift? You haven't got the right idea? On my website, you will find the right gift for the individual taste. A PetPearls voucher is ideal to give an unique present. To get a gift voucher, please simply contact me by mail.

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